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Before immigrating to the United States in 1980, Sue Yen Leo was the first person from her town to be accepted to college, and when she graduated, she taught math at a high school in Taiwan. She passed the CA CPA exam in one seating in 1981, and started work for the CPA firm RBZ right after the exam, where she rapidly rose through the ranks until 1985. During that time she gained experience in real estate tax law.

At the end of 1985, she started her firm, Sue Yen Leo, CPA. To improve her knowledge and serve clients better, she attended law school part-time and passed her CA bar exam to become a lawyer in 2000. Being a lawyer, she was able to get a real estate broker license too. In addition to her work as a CPA, she also started a trading company in 2005 and served as CEO. The company’s gross revenue grew to over $16 million in less than two years and was acquired by a vendor of the company. In 2009, when the financial crisis hit, she set up a real estate company to help her many clients acquire over one hundred residential homes as rental units and manage the properties for

them since then.


Her goal is to improve her practice to serve her clients better. Being in business and being an investor herself, she understands the needs of her clients. Having a broad international client base, and being an immigrant herself, she is interested in international tax planning, and can help her cross-border clients set up and plan their personal and business financial goals. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, yoga, baking and gardening, and most of all, hosting parties with her friends. She likes to say that she doesn’t have clients, just friends.

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